Monthly Archives: September 2016

VPS Hosts: Speed

I have recently moved my hosting provider from Vultr to HostUS.  While I have been happy with Vultr’s service generally, lately, they have been having issues with DDoS attacks on their data centers.  I have tried a few other hosting providers and did a quick Geekbench 4 test on each as well.  Here are the contenders and the plans I… Read More »

No Man’s Sky: All the Hate

I know there is a lot of hate going around about No Man’s Sky.  Here are my experiences (on PC).  I have since stopped playing and have around 50 hours in game. A lot of people experienced performance issues.  I did not and the game ran perfectly for me.  This was supposedly fixed in the… Read More »

Polarized Filters on the Phantom 4

I was playing around with some of the filters I purchased for my Phantom 4.  Here are some photos I took using a circular polarized filter.  PPolarized filters are usually that great for drone use but I got some neat sky effects by using one!

Testing out Waypoints with Litchi / DJI Phantom 4

I have purchased and installed “Litchi” for use with my DJI Phantom 4.  My previous Phantom 2 had Ground Station available, but DJI removed this feature beginning with the Phantom 3. This particular trip is around 2.25 miles and the drone was set to 10 mph.