No Man’s Sky: All the Hate

By | September 19, 2016

I know there is a lot of hate going around about No Man’s Sky.  Here are my experiences (on PC).  I have since stopped playing and have around 50 hours in game.

  • A lot of people experienced performance issues.  I did not and the game ran perfectly for me.  This was supposedly fixed in the released PC patch.
  • One issue I did experience was the game not saving properly.  I lost about four hours of play time do to this.
  • A lot of promised features are not in the game.  This is quite true but I honestly think it is an ok game as it is (exception below)
  • Huge exception: The is almost no story at all.  I kept playing hoping to find out more about the three cultures and the sentinels.  I spent most of my time trying to learn all the foreign words to find out more details.  Unfortunately, you get very little and a ton of repetition.  It is this that bothers me, by far, the most about this game.Semi Spoiler: Completing the Atlas line gets you a few mundane paragraphs of text.  Going to the center of the galaxy gets you… nothing.

You always take risks when buying a game — especially if you preorder like I, and many others did.  At this point, I wish I just got my 50 hours back!

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