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By | September 27, 2016

I have recently moved my hosting provider from Vultr to HostUS.  While I have been happy with Vultr’s service generally, lately, they have been having issues with DDoS attacks on their data centers.  I have tried a few other hosting providers and did a quick Geekbench 4 test on each as well.  Here are the contenders and the plans I have been considering:

Vultr – https://vultr.com – 1 CPU, 768M RAM, 15G SSD
Linode – https://www.linode.com – 1 CPU, 2G RAM, 24G SSD
OVH – https://www.ovh.com – 2 CPU, 8G RAM, 40G SSD
HostUS – https://hostus.us – 2 CPU, 2G RAM, 75G SSD

I also included my home i7 based system as a comparison.

Here are the Geekbench results!


Geekbench Links/Values

Provider Single-Core Multi-Core
i7 4.5GHz 5753 19452
HostUS 4023 7231
OVH 3003 5280
Linode 2262 2225
Vultr 2844 2696

Other Information:

My systems do not utilize a large load, so CPU speed was actually the lowest priority for me.  I prefer to use Arch Linux as my distribution of choice and I would like to set up partitions and filesystems as I see fit.  Vultr and HostUS both made this very easy.  Vultr supports custom ISOs and HostUS already had the Arch boot/install ISO already an option.  Linode and OVH provides Arch Linux templates, but it has already been partitioned and installed.  It is possible to do a pure installation on Linode and OVH with some hackery (boot to a recovery ISO, use dd to create a boot disk, and use that), but it is quite time consuming.

With the speed bonus and included DDoS filtration, this made HostUS, by far the best choice!

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