Monthly Archives: October 2016

Using NAT with Hyper-V

Many articles seem to instruct users to create a NAT using the VMSwitch type of NAT.  Unfortunately, Microsoft has since removed this type of switch.  All commands that follow require the use of PowerShell.  Here is how to use NAT with VMs running under Hyper-V currently: Create a new Hyper-V Switch New-VMSwitch -SwitchName “NAT” -SwitchType… Read More »

Nintendo NX / Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has finally released at least a little information about the upcoming Nintendo NX Nintendo Switch!  So far it looks like the rumors have been correct.  The device is a handheld-console hybrid (actually it seems more like a handheld with a docking station).  From the teaser video, it looks like there are two removable controllers,… Read More »

Google’s Pixel Event

I am a pretty avid user of Google’s products and this is the first time I have been pretty excited by one their announcements.  The Pixel XL looks awesome as well as Google Home.  Google VR looks pretty nice, but it isn’t anything that hasn’t been done — at least they are giving the headset… Read More »