Goodbye, HostUS!

By | March 6, 2018

For almost two years, I’ve had my hosting with  The performance has been great and I never really encountered any problems — at least until a few weeks ago.  In the span of about a week, my VM has been offline and later, networking was disconnected.  It took several hours for functionality to be restored.  That is not really the issue though.  Stuff happens, things go down.  The problem was their support was completely silent.  No acknowledgement, no explanation, just silence.  I have to say it is nerve wracking to have your support issues go without updates.  Even a simple, “We’re working on it”, would be helpful.  An explanation of some kind would be nice as well, such as, “That node was being hit with a DDoS attack”.  But, I got nothing.  So I decided it was time to say goodbye and post my experience to, at least hopefully, spare others the same kind of treatment.


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