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Goodbye, HostUS!

For almost two years, I’ve had my hosting with  The performance has been great and I never really encountered any problems — at least until a few weeks ago.  In the span of about a week, my VM has been offline and later, networking was disconnected.  It took several hours for functionality to be… Read More »

rsync Backups Instead of scp

I have been working on a way to back up some of my remote systems.  In the past, I would have a timer/cron job to tar everything I wanted to back up, then use scp to distribute the tarballs to their off-site locations.  This works well and is quite simple.  However, it is inefficient for network bandwidth,… Read More »

KVM Quick VirtIO 9p Testing

I did some quick testing on using virtio (filesystem passthrough) with some of my KVM virtual machines.  Typically, I have been using NFSv3 and I haven’t really had much of a problem.  For the heck of it, I did some testing with virtio pass-throughs instead, since I assumed it would be a lighter and more efficient method.  I… Read More »

Arch Linux – Automating Single Package Updates

I have been a long time user of Arch and recently, I wanted to update a single package on a set schedule.  Here is how you can do it from a simple bash script: #!/bin/bash # the next line updates the package database only pacman -Sy # the next line updates only a single package… Read More »

VPS Hosts: Speed

I have recently moved my hosting provider from Vultr to HostUS.  While I have been happy with Vultr’s service generally, lately, they have been having issues with DDoS attacks on their data centers.  I have tried a few other hosting providers and did a quick Geekbench 4 test on each as well.  Here are the contenders and the plans I… Read More »